Distributed Systems

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Two Phase Commit to power Distributed Transactions in a Distributed System

874 views 36 likes 2022-09-16

Distributed Transactions are the heart and soul of Distributed Systems and getting all the participating nodes to agree ...

Exponential Information Gathering (EIG) Algorithm for Byzantine Agreement

495 views 17 likes 2022-09-14

Byzantine Agreement is an important problem to address in a Distributed Network. It is all about being tolerant of the n...

Exponential Information Gathering (EIG) Algorithm - Distributed Consensus even when processes crash

319 views 9 likes 2022-09-12

Exponential Algorithms have to be the worst possible way to solve Distributed Consensus; but are they really that bad? ...

FloodSet Algorithm - Distributed Consensus even when processes crash

566 views 17 likes 2022-09-09

Reaching a consensus is extremely critical in a Distributed System as we would have situations day-in and day-out where ...

Unsolvable Distributed Consensus and The Two Generals' Problem

467 views 21 likes 2022-09-07

Distributed Consensus is extremely important to build a robust distributed system; because it is very common for a bunch...

Minimum Spanning Tree in Distributed Systems - GHS Algorithm - and its Applications

519 views 17 likes 2022-09-05

Nodes in a distributed system need to exchange a lot of messages; a naive way to do this is to flood the network with th...

Distributed Shortest-Path Bellman Ford Algorithm in Distributed Systems

555 views 24 likes 2022-09-02

To keep our distributed system efficient and performant, we have to ensure that the messages that are sent within the ne...

Synchronous Breadth First Search Algorithm to power broadcast in Distributed Systems

767 views 35 likes 2022-08-31

In a distributed system, what if one of the nodes wants to efficiently broadcast a message in the network? The situatio...

FloodMax algorithm for Leader Election in Distributed Systems

1328 views 27 likes 2022-08-28

Leader Election is necessary to make Distributed Systems auto recover and remain autonomous. In this video, we take a d...

TimeSlice algorithm for Leader Election in Distributed Systems

409 views 20 likes 2022-08-26

Leader Election helps our Distributed Systems auto recover without any human intervention and makes the system autonomou...

HS algorithm for Leader Election in Distributed Systems

992 views 39 likes 2022-08-24

Leader Election is important in every single distributed system out there as it enables us to auto recover from the fail...

LCR algorithm for Leader Election in Distributed Systems

1242 views 81 likes 2022-08-22

Leader Election is important for our distributed systems to auto recover from the failures. In this video, we take a de...

Implementing Distributed Transactions using Two Phase Commit Protocol

3645 views 153 likes 2022-03-30

Previously, we built a theoretical foundation of Distributed Transaction using the Two-Phase Commit protocol. In this vi...

Distributed Transactions: Two-Phase Commit Protocol

6920 views 274 likes 2022-03-28

Distributed Transactions are tough and intimidating. It is hard to guarantee atomicity across microservices given the ne...

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