Arpit Bhayani

Hey, I am Arpit

CS Engineer, Educator, and a Polymath

I am a CS engineer passionate about Databases, Language Internals, Distributed Datastores, and Advanced Algorithms. I am currently working with Google as a Staff Software Engineer with the Dataproc team in making Apache Spark faster.

Every week, I put out at least one YouTube video on an Engineering Topic and publish a newsletter. I always keep building things on the side, and a few of my hobby projects include

  • DiceDB - a tiny in-mem database
  • Revine - a visual programming language for kids

Since 2018, I have been sharing one engineering nugget every day on my social handles

Arpit Bhayani


Super practical courses, with a no-nonsense approach, are designed to spark engineering curiosity and help you ace your career.

System Design for Beginners

An in-depth, self-paced, and on-demand course that for early engineers to become great at designing scalable, available, and extensible systems at scale.

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System Design Masterclass

A masterclass that helps experienced engineers become great at designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems.

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Redis Internals

A course that helps covers Redis internals by reimplementing its core features like - event loop, serialization protocol, pipelining, eviction, and transactions.

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Video I put out recently

I put out a few videos every week on System Design and Software Engineering in general; here are a few of them.

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Papers I read recently

I read at least one research paper every week around topics that interests me and here are a few of them. You can find others on my papershelf.

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Books I read recently

I read a few books every month around various topics and here are a few of them. You can find others on my bookshelf.

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Essays and Blogs

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