Arpit Bhayani

Hey, I am Arpit

I am a software engineer passionate about Databases, Programming Language Internals, Distributed Datastores, and Advanced Algorithms. I am currently working with Google as a Staff Software Engineer with the Dataproc team in making Apache Spark faster.

I hold 10 years of experience in building and scaling backend services across domains and companies like Unacademy, Amazon, Practo, and D. E. Shaw. I also advise startups on building and scaling their backend systems.

Every week, I put out one YouTube video on an Engineering Topic and publish a newsletter. To put my learning to practise, I keep building things on the side and a few of my good hobby projects include

  • DiceDB - a re-implementation of Redis in Go
  • Revine - a visual programming language for kids

Since 2018, I have been sharing one engineering nugget every day on my social handles

Arpit Bhayani


Super practical courses, with a no-nonsense approach, are designed to spark engineering curiosity and help you ace your career.

System Design for Beginners

An in-depth, self-paced, and on-demand course that for early engineers to become great at designing scalable, available, and extensible systems at scale.

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System Design Masterclass

A masterclass that helps experienced engineers become great at designing scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available systems.

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Redis Internals

A course that helps covers Redis internals by reimplementing its core features like - event loop, serialization protocol, pipelining, eviction, and transactions.

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Let me help you

You need to build your next big service and need help with picking the right tech stack? Do you want to be sure that the system you are building is future proof system? I can help. I advise startups and here are some things I can help you with.

System Architecture and Design

Designing and building your next big backend service can be daunting, but I can help ensure it's scalable, high-performing, cost-efficient, and future-proof.

Picking the right stack

The backend stack - databases, languages, and big data tools - is overwhelming and I can help you make sound and informed decisions tailored to your constraints.

Database and schema modeling

Databases are the most brittle component of your architecture and I can help you model the database schema to ensure it is lean and performant.

Performance Improvements

Inefficient 3rd parties, DB calls, and naive threads can degrade performance. I can help you identify such issues and make your implementation and infra efficient.

AWS Cost Optimization

I can help you find inefficiencies in your AWS infra and suggest right-sizing and efficient designs to eradicate over-engineered choices and lower your cloud expenses.

So, if you are a startup and you think I can help you with something, book a call.

Video I put out recently

I put out a few videos every week on System Design and Software Engineering in general; here are a few of them.

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Papers I read recently

I read at least one research paper every week around topics that interests me and here are a few of them. You can find others on my papershelf.

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Books I read recently

I read a few books every month around various topics and here are a few of them. You can find others on my bookshelf.

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Essays and Blogs

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