Hello 👋
I make code work at scale.
I'm a Software Engineer based out of Bangalore 🇮🇳 specializing in designing and building scalable backend systems and currently solving Search at Unacademy.

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👷🏻 Where I've Worked

February, 2018 - Present

Technical Architect

  • Lead the Search and Content Discovery Team
  • Designed and developed Search and Content Discovery platform
  • Introduced and developed Search Query Auto Completion
  • Bettered the result relevance and in turn improved CTR by 40.2%
  • Developed a service that identifies the intent from a search query
  • Designed algorithm for identifying Trending searches on platform
  • Designed Search Query Logging and Visualization system
  • Tech: Python, Golang, Elasticsearch, NLP, ML
December, 2016 - February, 2018

Software Development Engineer II

  • Developed a service that puts infrequently accessed data in cold tier
  • Created streamlined and seamless access for Hot and Cold Data
  • Bootstrapped a generic data pipeline platform for Amazon Retail
  • Developed a platform that enables auto-healing of services in despair
  • Tech: Java, DynamoDB, S3, EMR
September, 2015 - November, 2016

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Developed the tool that enables incremental release of products
  • Built the product that identifies anomalies in real time
  • Built the database as a service ensuring high scalability and availability
  • Built the tool used for dummy data population across products
  • Built the tool used for provisioning personal staging environments
  • No downtime migration of Staging Infrastructure to a cheaper Region
  • Tech: Puppet, Vagrant, Python, Flask, Boto3, Semantic UI