Hey 👋, I am Arpit

CS Engineer, Educator, and a Polymath

A Computer Science Engineer who has worked at D. E. Shaw, Practo, Amazon, and Unacademy; and have built systems, services, and platforms that scaled to billions.

I teach a cohort-based course on System Design and have taught 100+ engineers spanning 3 cohorts.

What am I upto?

  • I teach a cohort-based course on System Design.
  • I run a weekly newsletter where I write CS Engineering essays.
  • I am working as an Senior Engineering Manager at Unacademy leading SRE vertical.
  • I run a newsletter The Great Engineering Newsletter where I share one engineering blog every day.
  • I run a YouTube Channel where I talk about CPython Internals, System Design and Software Engineering.
  • I post ~3 truth Bombs and observations about Life, Universe, and Everything, through my alter ego The Smarter Chimp.