My Knowledge Base

This is a collection of my journey of active learning from blogs, books, and papers organized by topics. Here you'll find my notes, videos, and write-ups. Hope it helps.

Advanced algorithms and Musings

My learnings and notes from exploring advanced algorithms and building prototypes based on core CS concepts and everything that amused me.

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Career Growth

My learnings and notes from 10+ years of experience on how to become a better engineer and accelerate the career growth.

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Database Engineering

My learnings and notes around databases covering the internals, concepts, and even algorithms, across single node and even distributed datastores.

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Language Internals

My learnings and notes from exploring CPython and Golang along with some foundational topics in language construction.

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System Design

My learnings and notes from designing systems and studying from books, blogs, and papers for 10+ years across various industries.

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Writings and Learnings

Knowledge Base



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