BitTorrent Internals

7 videos


Exploiting and stealing from the BitTorrent network

711 views 28 likes 2022-08-19

Stealing is bad, but in a P2P network, it is a cakewalk. In this 7th video of the BitTorrent Internals series, we take ...

Kademlia - a Distributed Hash Table implementation to power the overlay network of BitTorrent

1782 views 80 likes 2022-08-17

Kademlia is a Distributed Hash Table implementation and it is used as an overlay network for BitTorrent. Instead of talk...

The Piece Selection algorithm that makes BitTorrent fault tolerant

916 views 45 likes 2022-08-15

Performance of the BitTorrent network relies heavily on the order in which the pieces are requested by the peers. In th...

The Choke Algorithm that powers BitTorrent

1379 views 53 likes 2022-08-12

One of the most important algorithm that powers BitTorrent is The Choke Algorithm In this 4th video of the BitTorrent I...

Overview of the BitTorrent architecture

1939 views 83 likes 2022-08-10

BitTorrent is superb, but what does its architecture look like? In this 3rd video of the BitTorrent internals series, w...

Understanding the Torrent File Format and Bencoding

2349 views 124 likes 2022-08-08

To download or upload any file from the Torrent network, we need a .torrent file. But what exactly is this file? In thi...

Introduction to BitTorrent and the problem it beautifully solves

11003 views 445 likes 2022-08-05

BitTorrent is super popular when it comes to sharing and distributing large files over the network. But what is the engi...

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