Designing μ-services

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BFF - Backend for Frontend - Pattern in Microservices

4727 views 196 likes 2022-07-04

As your application evolves, supporting multiple types of clients like Desktop, Mobile apps, etc becomes tricky. The bac...

Best practices that make microservices integration easy

1417 views 68 likes 2022-06-27

Running microservices in isolation does not make any sense. To get something done, multiple microservices need to talk t...

Things to remember while building Microservices

1254 views 50 likes 2022-06-20

An engineer working on Microservices should not only just focus on engineering; there are so many other aspects to look ...

Why should we have a standard way of building Microservices?

1040 views 40 likes 2022-06-17

We all love creating microservices, but what if every team creates its own microservice uniquely and uses its own conven...

10 Challenges in Adopting and Implementing Microservices

2104 views 97 likes 2022-06-15

We always hear great things about Microservices. But, every few months every senior engineer gets a feeling, can we not ...

What are Microservices?

3237 views 115 likes 2022-06-13

Everyone is doing Microservices, but what are they after all? From a distance, it looks like a function put over the net...

API Composition Pattern in Microservices

3013 views 136 likes 2022-06-08

Say, we have very happily created 6/7 microservices and everything is going well. Now for a new usecase that is introduc...

Database per Service Pattern in Microservices

4010 views 159 likes 2022-06-01

Microservices should be loosely coupled and autonomous so that they can take their own decision and be as performant as ...

Everything you need to know about REST

6264 views 294 likes 2022-05-30

REST is how browsers talk to our servers. 99.99% of all your API requests that originates from your browser and go to yo...

Introduction to RPC - Remote Procedure Calls

4896 views 250 likes 2022-05-13

One of the most interesting things that revived itself after a decade is Remote Procedure Calls, fondly called as RPCs; ...

Designing Workflows in Microservices - Orchestration vs Choreography

3896 views 201 likes 2022-05-11

In a microservices architecture there will always arise a need to design workflows; for example: when on an e-commerce w...

Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication between Microservices

4782 views 213 likes 2022-05-04

How should two microservices talk to each other? Picking the right communication pattern is super-important as a good de...

Shared Database Pattern in Microservices

4884 views 194 likes 2022-04-27

Microservices need to communicate with each other. Communication between them is always about getting or updating data t...

How to scope a microservice?

3293 views 136 likes 2022-04-20

Microservices are extremely tempting and you will always feel like writing a new service for every problem at hand. You ...

Advantages of adopting a microservices-based architecture

7986 views 308 likes 2022-04-08

Microservices are great, and the overall microservices-based architecture has some key advantages. In this video, we tal...

Handling timeouts in a microservice architecture

6501 views 317 likes 2022-03-18

Handling timeout well is extremely critical as it makes your distributed system robust and ensures you provide a consist...

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