Designing μ-services

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Introduction to RPC - Remote Procedure Calls

1531 views 97 likes 2022-05-13

One of the most interesting things that revived itself after a decade is Remote Procedure Calls, fondly called as RPCs; ...

Designing Workflows in Microservices - Orchestration vs Choreography

1659 views 111 likes 2022-05-11

In a microservices architecture there will always arise a need to design workflows; for example: when on an e-commerce w...

Synchronous and Asynchronous Communication between Microservices

1646 views 106 likes 2022-05-04

How should two microservices talk to each other? Picking the right communication pattern is super-important as a good de...

Should some microservices share a database?

1814 views 97 likes 2022-04-27

Microservices need to communicate with each other. Communication between them is always about getting or updating data t...

How to scope a microservice?

1080 views 56 likes 2022-04-20

Microservices are extremely tempting and you will always feel like writing a new service for every problem at hand. You ...

Advantages of adopting a microservices-based architecture

2187 views 148 likes 2022-04-08

Microservices are great, and the overall microservices-based architecture has some key advantages. In this video, we tal...

Handling timeouts in a microservice architecture

2244 views 145 likes 2022-03-18

Handling timeout well is extremely critical as it makes your distributed system robust and ensures you provide a consist...

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