How to expense Arpit's courses

Great news: Numerous companies provide an L&D or educational budget that includes the expenses for our courses, and we offer multiple options to assist you in securing reimbursement for your course.


Once you've successfully enrolled in a course, an invoice for your course purchase will be sent to you. You have the option to forward this invoice directly to your team for reimbursement purposes. If you require assistance in adding personalized details, such as your company name and address, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Certificate of completion

Upon successful course completion, drop us an email at requesting the course completion certificate; and we will email it you within 24 hours. The certificate will feature your name, comprehensive course particulars, and Instructor's signature. Below is a sample for your reference:

Email template

If you require manager approval, we also offer a reimbursement template that you can forward for their consideration. When approaching your manager about your interest in a course that can enhance your job performance, it's essential to emphasize how it can contribute to your company's financial success, whether by increasing revenue or reducing costs. While it's valid to mention how the course aligns with your career objectives, what truly matters to your manager is the tangible impact on the bottom line.

Presenting the course in terms of how it benefits your manager, team, and the organization as a whole will make it an obvious choice and create a sense of urgency. Demonstrate that your team's progress may be hindered without this course, or conversely, they can gain a competitive advantage with it.

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