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I have been actively writing and sharing my learnings on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube and have built a total following of 250,000+ engineers.

In the past, I have worked with Razorpay and Dukaan helping them showcase their engineering prowess to the engineering community and have done video series with Replit on deep-tech topics like concurrency. Here are some of the videos

All the videos on my channel are no-fluff and my audience prefers me doing technical deep dives like outage dissections, blog dissections, paper readings, and deep-tech podcasts as I have a tendency to explain the dense concepts pretty well. You can find my YouTube playlists covering real-world case studies here

So, if you want to do a deep-tech podcast with me or have a blog post, a research paper, or a system architecture, that you want me to dissect and share it with the world just drop me an email at or reach out on my socials - LinkedIn and Twitter.

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