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An in-depth introduction to Rolling Deployments

944 views 46 likes 2022-05-27

One of the simplest deployment strategies that make deployment a breeze is Rolling Deployment. It is the most widely ado...

Implementing Vertical Sharding

1124 views 75 likes 2022-05-25

Sharding is super-important when you want to handle the traffic that cannot be handled through one server. Sharding come...

An in-depth introduction to Blue Green Deployments

1309 views 60 likes 2022-05-18

Deployments are a pain if we are unsure about our release changes. But sometimes even if we know our changes well, somet...

An in-depth introduction to Canary Deployments

1982 views 117 likes 2022-05-16

Deployments are stressful; what if something goes wrong? What if you forgot to handle an edge case that was also missed ...

Introduction to Serverless Computing and Architecture

2175 views 130 likes 2022-05-02

Serverless Computing is one of the hottest topics of discussion today, but the term "serverless" is slightly misleading ...

Database Sharding and Partitioning

3133 views 202 likes 2022-04-25

Sharding and partitioning come in very handy when we want to scale our systems. These concepts operate on the database a...

Why, where, and when should we throttle or rate limit?

1585 views 103 likes 2022-04-18

It is a common belief that a rate limiter is always external and is designed to prevent our systems from being abused by...

How to approach System Design?

2667 views 106 likes 2022-04-13

System Design is tricky but it does not have to be difficult - be it a technical discussion at your workplace or your ne...

Implementing Idempotence in a Payments Microservice

2857 views 172 likes 2022-04-06

Idempotence is an extremely critical property that we must consider while implementing an API or designing a microservic...

Sending payload in an HTTP GET request

4006 views 149 likes 2022-04-04

Can we send data in an HTTP GET request? Most people think, No. The truth is, we can send the data in the request payloa...

Scaling Taxonomy Service and Database

1021 views 30 likes 2021-05-02

In this video, we do the high-level design of Udemy's Taxonomy Service and see how to scale databases in general. Outli...

Designing Taxonomy on SQL

2100 views 81 likes 2021-04-19

In this video, we design the Taxonomy of Udemy on top of a SQL-based Relational DB. We learn how to model any taxonomy o...

End-to-end Message Encryption

5627 views 229 likes 2021-04-05

In this video, we find how to implement a very very simple version of end-to-end WhatsApp-like message encryption. This ...

Designing Notifications Service for Instagram

21813 views 516 likes 2021-04-01

This video is a snippet from my System Design Masterclass and in it, we are discussing How Instagram Scales its notifica...


Indexing on Partitioned Data

380 reads 2022-02-07

In this essay, we will take a detailed look into how we could index the partitioned data, allowing us to query the data ...

Data Partitioning Strategies

302 reads 2022-01-31

In this essay, we take a detailed look into the two common approaches to horizontally partition the data - Hash Based an...

Data Partitioning

435 reads 2022-01-24

In this essay, we take a detailed look into Partitioning basics and understand how it can help us scale our Reads and Wr...

Leaderless Replication

444 reads 2022-01-16

In this essay, we take a look into a different way of replication, called Leaderless Replication, that comes in handy in...

Conflict Resolution

275 reads 2022-01-09

In this essay, go in-depth to understand ways to resolve and avoid conflicts in a multi-master setup....

Conflict Detection

709 reads 2021-11-28

In this essay, we talk about conflicts and understand what they are, how to detect them in a multi-master setup....

Multi-Master Replication

497 reads 2021-11-03

In this essay, we look at what Multi-Master Replication is, the core challenge it addresses, use-cases we can find this ...

Monotonic Reads

348 reads 2021-10-03

Asynchronous replication leads to a fascinating situation where it feels like we are going through a wormhole traveling ...

Read-your-write Consistency

1120 reads 2021-09-22

Read-Your-Writes consistency states that the system guarantees that, once an item has been updated, any attempt to read ...

Handling outages in a Master-Replica setup

375 reads 2021-09-07

This essay talks about the worse - nodes going down - impact, recovery, and real-world practices....

The New Replica

293 reads 2021-08-23

In this one, we take a look into how these Replicas are set up and understand some quirky nuances about Replication....

Replication Formats

334 reads 2021-08-15

When we are employing a Master-Replica pattern to improve availability, throughput, and fault-tolerance, the big questio...

Replication Strategies

821 reads 2021-08-10

In this essay, we take a quick yet verbose look into Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Semisynchronous replication strategi...

Master-Replica Replication

350 reads 2021-08-07

In this essay, we talk about everything we should know about Master-Replica replication pattern....

ACID - Durability

335 reads 2021-07-19

Durability seems to be a taken-for-granted requirement, but to be honest, it is the most important one. Let's deep dive ...

ACID - Isolation

301 reads 2021-07-05

Isolation is the ability of the database to concurrently process multiple transactions in a way that changes made in one...

ACID - Consistency

387 reads 2021-07-02

In the context of databases, Consistency is Correctness, which means that under no circumstance will the data lose its c...

ACID - Atomicity

748 reads 2021-06-28

A single database transaction often contains multiple statements to be executed on the database. In Relational Databases...

Architectures in Distributed Systems

563 reads 2021-06-22

While designing a Distributed System, it is essential to pick the right kind of architecture. Usually, architectures are...

Mistaken Beliefs of Distributed Systems

358 reads 2021-06-17

In this essay, we learn about a set of false assumptions that programmers new to distributed applications invariably mak...

The RUM Conjecture

670 reads 2020-05-31

While designing any storage system the three main aspects we optimize for are Reads, Updates, and auxiliary Memory. RUM ...

Sliding Window based Rate Limiter

1056 reads 2020-04-05

A rate limiter is used to control the rate of traffic sent or received on the network and in this article we dive deep a...

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