Database Engineering

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What are Embedded Databases?

1764 views 82 likes 2022-03-25

Embedded databases are coupled with the application they are part of and operate in a confined space. They are designed ...

How does the database guarantee reliability using write-ahead logging?

1660 views 98 likes 2022-03-21

Any persistent database needs to guarantee reliability. No matter how big or small the changes are, they should survive ...

How do indexes make databases read faster?

2873 views 217 likes 2022-03-16

In this video, we discuss how indexes make a database operate faster. While discussing that, we dive deep into how the d...

How to handle database outages?

1888 views 135 likes 2022-03-14

In this video, we talk about why a database goes down, what happens when the database is down, a few short-term solution...

5 million + random rows in less than 100 seconds using SQL

2062 views 58 likes 2021-04-10

In this video, we generate 5 million + random rows in less than 100 seconds using just SQL. We mock the data for any tax...


Designing Taxonomy on a Relational DB

1303 reads 2021-04-18

In this essay, design taxonomy on a SQL-based Relational database by taking Udemy as an example, write SQL queries cover...

Bitcask - A Log-Structured Fast KV Store

574 reads 2020-07-19

Bitcask is a Key-Value store that persists its data in append-only log files and still reaps super-performant read-write...

Midpoint Insertion Strategy in MySQL LRU Cache

466 reads 2020-04-26

The MySQL InnoDB Storage engine uses LRU cache but it suffers from a notorious problem. In this article, we find how by ...

Fast and Efficient Pagination in MongoDB

3898 reads 2017-06-06

MongoDB is a document based data store and hence pagination is one of the most common use case of it. Find out how you c...

Why MongoDB's cursor.skip() is Slow?

2088 reads 2017-06-04

MongoDB's cursor.skip() is very inefficient, why is that? Even though it is slow and inefficient, team MongoDB wants to...

Benchmark Pagination Strategies in MongoDB

3538 reads 2017-06-02

Benchmark results for two pagination approaches for MongoDB....

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