Vimarsh is a series of Podcasts where two friends are discussing day to day issues, their possible solutions and sharing their respective opinions about life, universe and everything and hopes that their discussions ,might make this world a better place.

Episode 003: What did we learn from Dulhe Raja and Swades?

In this podcast, Arpit and Shashi are discussing about movies, the movies they love and have learned something from. A very interesting thing that came up was how Arpit learned something from what seems a โ€œmindlessโ€ comedy movie, Dulhe Raja; and on the serious side of it, how Swades changed the perception of Shashi and gave him some motive in his life.

Episode 002: Papa kehete hai bada naam karega

In this podcast, Arpit and Shashi are discussing one of your most delicate situation, where you put forth your wish to opt for an offbeat career, in front of your parents. The episode dives into various aspects of decision making process, the points that should be considered before taking this step, some repercussions of this bold move, making an informed decision and handling the entire situation gracefully.

Episode 001: Mai toh raste se jaa raha tha

In this podcast, Arpit and Shashi are having a discussion on importance of following traffic rules.