Curiosity drives motivation. If you are not motivated enough, question yourself - are you curious enough?

Build a solution, not a hack.

ORMs are suboptimal convenience.

Most people are stuck in the past.

It is criminal to store datetime objects in a relational databases. Use epoch seconds, milliseconds or even microseconds, but never as datetime.

Impatience is the most effective catalyst.

You cannot make all of your customers happy, you always try to maximize the overall happiness quotient.

Nothing moves us forward like a deadline.

Credentials can only take you from 0 to 0.1 but then it is accomplishments that take over.

Our brain doesn't like to decide a lot, it thrives on clarity, certainty, and explicitness. Things you should do to be more efficient: - big task at hand? - break into sub-tasks - Confused between two equals? - pick one at random - Do not overthink unless required

An organization is a community that thrives on trust, compassion, respect and admiration; and should not be misunderstood as just a money making machine. Money made is just a by product of the efforts put in by the people.

A problem well understood is well-solved.

Make your goals public - print it out and stick it somewhere for everyone to see. There is no better motivation and obligation than public commitment.

To do or not to do, that is the question; and market research is the answer. Don't jump into building your product, even a MVP. Do some market research, float a survey in relevant communities. Assert your product is the painkiller that market needs.

Do not fail to see how successful you already are.

Measure your progress, growth and output, quantitatively and systematically, and then analyze how to get more of it.

It almost doesn’t matter what you know, unless you put it to use. Knowledge is secondary while execution is all-important.

You cannot do/handle everything on your own, hence you have find the best people and delegate.

Ask yourself what you care about that you haven’t been able to pursue in your job.

Iteration is easy, innovation is hard but innovating while you iterate is insanely difficult. People and companies who do it excel while others just survive.

Anyone striving for high performance and productivity, personally or at workplace note - setting goals is very necessary, for it is impossible to achieve something that you've never defined. Serendipity is rare.

Most of the world does not experience your product the way you are experiencing it during development. Most of your users would - have an inconsistent low strength 2g connection - be far from the servers than you probably are. Hence also measure actual user experience.

Set audacious yet believable goals, so that even if you fail, your failure is above others' success.

Ideas are theoretical, but execution is where the magic happens. Products with better execution always leap ahead.