9 - Revenge

9 - Revenge

With a wicked smile Kipo came out of the bathroom, full of confidence and strength, and started walking towards the war zone. For winning this war he needs to understand his “enemy” a little better. As he was in the passage he saw Nick coming towards him. Seeing Kipo, Nick rushed towards him and said “Where have you been? I searched for you everywhere!”.

“That is not important. Tell me what is the name of that huge-potato-porker-lard-ass?” asked Kipo.

“Who?” asked Nick with a very confused expression. But as soon as he asked this, he realized whom Kipo was referring to, and he continued “His name is Roy, and the thin guy besides him is Bob; He is his sidekick”.

Kipo had another question ready in his mind and as Nick finished telling, Kipo asked “Tell me one thing that R..oy is scared of.”. Nick with full confidence answered “LIZARDS! Everyone in the school know this. There is is very funny incident ……”.

“A … a … a…. a ….” Kipo stopped him and said “later … later …. We don’t have time, please go to the class room and get me my bag. I will wait in the bathroom.”

Nick rushed to the classroom, grabbed Kipo’s bag and came back to the bathroom. Kipo just like a mad scientist wanting to create Frankenstein, started tearing pages and making something. After some cuts and folds he showed what he created to Nick and said “Does this look like a lizard?”. Nick was surprised to see how quickly Kipo managed to create a lizard from just a mere piece of paper. He replied “Yes it does look like a lizard! If you color it, it would be better”.

Kipo had already though of painting it, so he took out the new oil paint colors, he had brought with him, from his bag and started painting it. Once he finished it, he showed it to Nick,

Nick was astounded to see this scarily painted origami lizard. It looked scary real!

They went to the classroom, everyone started giving Kipo a look. He did not like it but he knew that if his plan worked, tables will be turn. Kipo took the lead and went behind Roy, took out the fake lizard and threw it onto him. This scary little lizard scared the bejesus out of him and he screamed and ran away; and with him ran Bob, his sidekick.

Everyone in the class started laughing and clapping for Kipo, which made him feel special. Kipo and Nick then took back their seats; and as they sat, a pretty looking lady came into the class and said “Good Morning Students!”

What would happen when Roy and Bob returns? A fight?

Stay Tuned