5 - The Confrontation

5 - The Confrontation

Just as Mr. Cup finished making his boat, the doorbell rang. He quickly got up, cleaned up the mess and opened the door. Nervously he uttered “H…ee…lloooo …. guys!”. All of the friends greeted him together “Hello, Kipo!”. The real name of Mr. Cup is Kipo but he do not like his name so he makes everyone call him Mr. Cup; but no one actually does. 😉

Since luck has never been on his side, his friend, Gitto, out of nowhere, suggested all to play with air-plane again. Everyone got excited but Kipo got scared. He tried really hard to detour but it did not work. Everyone started inquiring about the air-plane; feeling the heat, Kipo ran into his room and grabbed the boat and very excitedly showed it to all of his friends.

The boat was pretty impressive and beautiful and big! Some of them had never seen anything like that before. Everyone got pretty excited seeing it, and wanted to play with it. Kipo started telling them about how he made it and what all it can do. Some of it was total hocus-pocus but they bought it. Meanwhile Gypsy ran towards bathroom, filled the bathtub with water and called everyone with the Boat. He snatched the Boat from Kipo’s hand and put it in water. The boat floated! it went with the stream from one end to the other. Kipo was relieved. 😀

Everyone was so happy with the Boat that they forgot about the air-plane. Because all they cared about being happy, and they were happy with Boat right now. They were live-the-present-and-forget-the-past kinda cups 😉

Kipo, our Mr. Cup had a new learning today - “The worst always happens in your mind, not in reality”. Holidays are over; everything almost went well for Kipo this summer. But tomorrow is the first day of new academic year at school. Something interesting is bound to happen.

Stay Tuned