4 - The Thinking Cap

4 - The Thinking Cap

The air-plane burnt and with it burned all the hopes of fixing it. Mr. Cup now just wanted things to be the way they were, but the series of events that happened were like a tracer bullet, shot from a gun, you can’t take it back; irreversible as some might say.

Shocked from what he did, he sat on his favourite saucer, put on his thinking cap and started finding some way out which is both possible and feasible. As he was thinking for some solution, something clicked, the bulb in his mind glowed and he decided to build his own air-plane, which should ideally be like the old one, and hope that no one would notice the change. The only problem with this idea was - he did not know how to build one. But still he gave this a shot!

He ran into his room, grabbed some paper, a scissor, a measuring tape and some glue. He started folding the paper in random directions, hoping it takes the shape of the air-plane. It was harder than he thought; he knew what he wanted to make, but the shapes he was creating were in no way looking like it, forget its capability of taking-off and flying high.

Just about the time when he thought of giving up, he calmed down, took a deep breath and chose to give this one last shot. He folded the paper neatly, divided it in half, then to a quarter, made some slant folds, then using scissor made some crisp cuts, glued small bits of paper together and to his surprise it started taking some familiar shape. So the chose to continue with it. The shape was neat, crisp and looked pretty impressive. He realised that he accidentally made a Boat out of it and that too a beautiful one.

Boat instead of an air-plane … will his friends accept?

If put it in water … will this boat float?

Stay Tuned!