3 - Panic Mode Is On

3 - Panic Mode Is On

As soon as Mr. Cup saw the air-plane soaked in water, he panicked. Now all he wanted was to somehow fix it. The panic button was pressed and the panic mode was on! A torrent of possible fixes struck his mind, which confused him badly.

He started mopping away water from the floor. Things started off well, he thought “Well began is half done”. But little did he know, fate had some other plans for him 😉

He thought, if Blow Dryer could dry hair so neatly, it could also dry the air-plane. Feeling excited about his idea, he quickly grabbed a Blow Dryer, plugged it in and started blowing hot air to the plane. As the first stream of hot air hit the air-plane, it took-off. He chased the plane but the it kept going around. He tried several times but the plane was adamant and didn’t want to stay grounded. Giving up on this idea, he thought of something which did not make the plane go whooooossssshhhhhh.

After Blow-Drying, Mr. Cup thought of Sun-Drying; so he took the plane out in the sun. He waited and waited but nothing much happened; he realised it will take hours to dry and he didn’t have that much time. So he wanted something to speedup the process.

He suddenly recalled something he studied in his science class. He went to his bedroom and grabbed his magnifying glass and focused it on the air-plane. Things started to speedup, he became happy and relieved that things were working out. But in some time he smelled something fishy! He looked down and to his surprise he saw, one of the wings caught fire. He did not expect this to happen; but it did! He immediately threw his magnifying glass away, but it was too late … the air-plane was ruined ☹

Did he put himself in some serious trouble? Will anything good ever happen to him?

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