How to handle database outages?

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Why a database goes down?

An unexpected heavy load on your database can lead to a process crash or a massive slowdown.

Before jumping to the potential short-term and long-term solutions, ensure you monitor the database well. CPU, Memory, Disk, and Connections are being closely monitored.

Short term solutions

  • Kill the queries that have been running for a long time
  • Quickly scale up your database if you have been seeing a consistent heavy usage
  • Check if the recent deployment is the culprit; if so, revert asap
  • Reboot the database will calm the storm and buy you some time

Long term solutions

  • Ensure the right set of indexes is in place
  • Tune your database default parameters to gain optimal performance
  • Check for the notorious N+1 Queries
  • Upgrade the database version to get the best that DB can offer
  • Evaluate the need for Horizontal scaling using Replicas and Sharding

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