Why Freshers Are Awesome

May 20, 2017

Freshers is the term we all have been (or will be) associated with, generally referring to someone who just graduated and is fresh out of college. Every organization hires some freshers, but why? Why is company paying someone who has no experience and no exposure? Obviously the giants are not nuts to hire someone they don’t see any value. Hence I tried to compile my thoughts on “Why Freshers Are Awesome?”. Before you think of giving this a read I would request you to please make a note that these are my opinions and I am not always correct 😉

New wave of freshness

Freshers bring in new wave of freshness to an organization that might have lost its luster and peppiness. This new wave brings some “modern” fashion sense, different hair and beard styles, latest trends and of course “THE SWAG” (as the youngs calls it). This wave is essential for any organization to keep its culture up-to-date, lively, spicy and upbeat.

Unbiased Perspective to Problem Solving

Seasoned employees are used to facing problems and solving it with some preferred approach. But when the same problem is given to a person that has never seen it before, he/she might give you some suggestions and hints that could result in solving the problem far more efficiently. That is why every team has some freshers and their opinions does matter as they might have suggestions that are relatively unheard of and could help tackle problem with some different unconventional way.

Bridging the Gap

Every hour a new library, utility, product, tool or language is popping up and for seasoned employees it is very hard to stay updated with it. Because of this most seasoned employees are master a set of tools and technologies and they refrain from evaluating and adopting new tech. On the other hand freshers always try to keep themselves updated with latest tech and because of their huge motivation level they keep on learning new things. Freshers bring with them new technologies and experiences and thus bridge the technology gap.

The Go-To Ones

When a project is “dead” and everyone refuses to work on it because it is either too simple or mundane or just that no one wants to do it, it is given to a fresher as a “learning” task and thus they bring it to “life”. When seniors don’t feel like working on a easy module they ask for some freshers to do it. When system designers (principal architect) wants to do some proof-of-concept of their theory/approach they ask some freshers to code it. Thus freshers become the most important “go-to” guys of an organization.

The Motivated Unit

With their zeal to learn and grow, freshers are probably the only “motivated unit” of an organization. The seniors and seasoned employee have seen and have been through enough in their work and personal life that they just work for sake of money and keeping up with all the bills. Freshers single handedly bring the overall motivation level of the company up and unknowingly ensures that things are moving at a brisk pace.

Covering up

This article may make you feel like seniors and experiences people are lazy and jerks; but that is not the case. Its just that they focus more on solving “bigger” problems and leave mediocre ones and implementations to freshers and juniors. Most of the seniors have a family to look after and thus have to juggle between so many things that they cannot give their 100% at work.

PS: I am a Senior Backend Engineer.