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Thank you for showing interest in doing a podcast with me, here are some details.

I am running a podcast series named “Asli Engineering Podcasts” where engineers and leaders can come and talk about a system they built, or an interesting problem they solved. The discussion will be deep tech and engineering-focused.

note: please ensure that you have permission to talk about the topic from the organization you are part of. if not please seek the necessary approvals.

Razorpay did a podcast on the channel and here are some stats (as of 12/12/22)

Here are some benefits you (organization) can reap:

  • improve brand visibility
  • showcase your engineering culture
  • build a brand among passionate engineers

About the channel

Asli Engineering YouTube channel is focused on deep tech topics like real-world system design, database internals, distributed systems, and so much more. There are ZERO non-tech video on the channel as channel operates as “no fluff; no jargon; pure engineering”.

The reach of the YouTube channel is 25k; and the target audience are passionate engineers with 2-14 years of work experience. So, if you have done some cool work and want to talk about it on Asli Engineering, do fill out this form.

Once you fill out the form, I will reach out to you over the provided email initiate the discussion.

About Arpit Bhayani

I am a CS engineer passionate about building systems that scale and currently working with Google as a Staff Software Engineer with the Dataproc team in making Apache Spark faster.

I have worked across a variety of domains and have built systems, services, and platforms that scale to billions; and have worked at companies like Unacademy, Amazon, Practo, and D. E. Shaw. On the side, I am

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